On this page you can select 5 documents which you can download:

1. Questionnaire tax filing (in excel or pdf)
2. Procedure to generate 5-digit code
3. Purchased house – monthly tax refund request: this is for persons who purchased a house and want to request a monthly tax refund for interest to pay on a mortgage
4. Own company – if you own your own company (zzp)
5. Process to check and update your IBAN


Please first complete the procedure to generate the 5-digit code (document 2)

Second: fill out the information request form (document 1)

Third: only complete if this is applicable to your situation (document 3 and/or document 4)

Last: please check whether your IBAN (bank account) is listed at the tax web portal (document 5)

Also send a copy of your and your partner annual income statement by email (every employee receives in january/february an income statement from his/her employer (annual income statement -> in dutch jaaropgaven).

Our fees:

Single person*

€ 30,-
  • Tax income return for one person

M form

€ 30,-
  • Tax income return for one person

Including partner*

€ 50,-
  • Tax income return for two persons (including partner)

M form on paper

€ 50,-
  • For one person (for year 2018 and 2019)

Own company

€ 100,-
  • Tax income return if you have a company (ZZP or sole company)

Provisional tax 2024

€ 40,-
  • Per application

* Regular filing means: when you are full year (from 1st January up till 31st December) are registered in Netherlands otherwise it needs to be done by M form online

Documents to download:


Questionnaire (PDF)


Questionnaire (Excel)


Generate 5-digit code


Purchased House


Own Company


Check & Update IBAN